Be prepared for your trial day

  • ​The Location of your Wedding & Reception: Are you having a casual wedding on the beach or a formal black tie hotel wedding etc,?
  • Your dress: if possible, have a photo with you.
  • Your wedding colors.
  • Theme: Vintage? Classic? Romantic?
  • How much makeup do you wear everyday? When you go out?
  • How would you describe your every day personal style? Casual, modern, classic, trendy, etc.?

Know what you want. Your trial will go much smoother if you have an idea of what you’re looking for. Know what you don’t want, too—that can be just as helpful! Plus, this knowledge can help you decide if you even need a trial. 

Go clean and product-free. For a hair trial, wash your hair the night before (so it has time to regain its natural oils) and don’t put in any product.  You want your hair to be as natural as possible. For a makeup trial, continue your typical skin-care routine. Don’t put on any products before your trial. A clean face will hold makeup better.

All of your accessories. Veils and other headpieces should be a given—your hair wouldn’t look the same without them! But don’t forget about jewelry. Bring any earrings and necklaces you plan to wear.

Speak up. Don’t like something? Say something! That’s the whole purpose of the trial. Don’t be shy.